About us

Srishti ( सृष्टि ) Foundation was founded in London, Ontario, Canada, as a non-profit organization in 2012. Srishti in Sanskrit means “Creation” . Srishti is about creation of a more vibrant, more giving society and inculcating a sense of Seva (Selfless Service) in our next generation.

Driven by the ancient Indian teachings – “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam” (the whole world is one family) and “Nar seva Narayan seva” (Service to humanity is service to God), Srishti is founded on the three pillars of-

  • Seva – Inspire selfless service in the community, with focus on “Yuva” (Youth)
  • Celebration – Celebrating our ancient, timeless festivals with its traditional symbols, fun and giving.
  • Culture – Promote self-development of our next generation through the study of ancient Indian heritage, its arts, traditions and Vedanta.

Srishti currently partners with the following Not-for-Profit organizations, whose objectives align with any one or more of our pillars. Srishti volunteers are regularly involved with all of our partners in Seva, showcasing how different organizations can work together in pure Seva.

Art of Living FoundationChinmaya MissionHSS Canada

India Cultural ConnectionLondon Field Hockey ClubSewa Canada Aid International

We offer an open platform for Seva (selfless service) and everyone is welcome to join in, bring their ideas and make it happen or join in any of the programs we already offer. To join in or to get involved, please CONTACT US

Check out our Upcoming Events and click HERE for our past activities.