Diwali 2017 Entertainment Participants – Registration & Guidelines



Partcipants/Choreogrpahers – Click HERE to register

With an aim to ensure quality programming, equal opportunity to all performers from the community, following are the guidelines for participants, of the entertainment section. The theme for Diwali 2017 is “Majestic India”

  1. If you wish to choreograph an act/performance, the choreographer or coordinator should REGISTER their group with all the requested details, to participate in the entertainment program.
  2. If you or your child wishes to participate in the entertainment program, but are not part of group yet, please REGISTER too.
  3. The list of acts that we would like to see on stage this year for Diwali are listed in the registration form, please do check the appropriate category in the form.
  4. Each participant is limited to performing in 2 acts, at the Diwali event to facilitate opportunities to more people and avoid scheduling conflicts on stage.
  5. Solo acts will be limited to Professional performers or Specialized Art forms with high quality performers.
  6. All other acts will be group acts to offer maximum participation. Each group must have at least 6 performers (except for singing acts where the group must have at least 2 singers).
  7. The preferred length of each act is 5 minutes. It maybe longer for professionals. If your act needs an exemption from the 5 minutes limit – please do let us know and we will consider your request. Final decision regarding the approval will rest with the Entertainment coordinators.
  8. Once registered, based on information provided, our entertainment prime will communicate to choreographers or coordinators via email if your act has been approved or selected.
  9. Once registered, based on information provided, we will also send you contact details of choreographers or coordinators of groups that are looking for performers, and connect you with  them.
  10. Selection of acts will be based on event theme and fitting in with Diwali, quality, energy, diversity, non-repetitiveness or conflict with other acts to avoid duplicate acts, duration of the act etc etc.
  11. Participants must be available for 80% of all practice sessions, organized by the respective act coordinators.
  12. Practice session venue and timing schedule will be announced in advance by the specific act coordinators.
  13. Acts that involve professional coaching and use of outside practice venue rentals for practice will involve a one time token training fee.
  14. All Act Coordinators must submit list of soundtracks for the acts or youtube links to these tracks along with their submission of their proposed act.
  15. Open acts for which we are inviting community performers in the entertainment section are
    • Bollywood Express by Amol & Milind


Please CLICK HERE to register for the acts.  If you have any questions, please contact Paresh Soni @ 5197021927 or Email psoni100@gmail.com

Revised deadline for registration is midnight of 24th August 2017.

Srishti Entertainment Team