Programs & Events

Programs & Events @ Srishti comprise activities in each of its three pillars – Seva (selfless service), Culture & Celebrations, throughout the year.

Weekly activities – These activities are self-development programs of our partners which calls for commitment every week from volunteers, instructors and participants resulting in the creation of a more energetic, vibrant, giving youth/society. The weekly commitment results in participants making these activities/learnings (whether it be yoga, vedanta, public speaking or volunteer-ism ) a part of their life. CLICK HERE to know more

Seva activities- Inspiring to serve selflessly (seva) is where Srishti has its roots in, based on the ancient Indian teaching of “Nar Seva Narayan Seva” . The outreach and seva among the Nepali speaking Bhutanese Refugees since the summer of 2009, has been demanding, but re-energizing with hands-on work on the ground. The focus and nature of support has changed from an initial mode of helping them find their feet to more youth focussed development activities. For a list of these initiatives

We also invite you to join in any of these seva activities and serve unconditionally. Contact us to do so.

Culture – The most pertinent question to ask ourselves is while there are courses and schools to obtain every other kind of external knowledge, how many of them teach us about ourselves, our mind, to prepare our mind, to be unconditionally happy and to inspire ourselves into fearless action (empathy) ? How can we pass on the time tested, wisdom, traditions, art forms and knowledge systems of our ancient civilization, which do all of the above, to the next generation? Each of our not for profit partners – Art of Living, Chinmaya Mission, HSS Canada, ICC and IMPACT, with their respective areas of focus,expertise and experience makes this happen.

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Celebrations Bringing out the colours, the symbols, the traditional activities, the food, the ambiance and fun associated with two most popular Hindu Festivals – Holi & Diwali.

Since 2011, we have also been honouring the officers of the London Police during Rakshabandhan festival. Children and parents call on the officers at the Police Headquarter on Raksha Bandhan day and tie Rakhis to the Police Chief and officers, praying for their well being and security in return for the protection they offer us everyday of the year. Children also share Mithai and get to interact with the Police Officers. Contact us if you would like to join in this year.

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