In 2013

@ Srishti celebrations of our timeless festivals of Holi, Diwali, Rakshabandhan and this year cricket  continued to be a big draw this year too. Diwali Dhamaka continued to be sold out this year too despite an increase in capacity to 600. Holi 2013 was attended by about 540 people, with play of colours to the beat of drums.

As evident in our celebrations we strive to cover the whole facet of celebration, from preserving the religious source of these festivals, its ancient symbols, its arts and crafts, games , the cultural performances, the food, the play of colours, the fireworks etc to restoring the fun and masti in these timeless celebrations. All of this in a very informal, and light environment, with an intent to engage our next generation in the true spirit of our festivals.

We thank our sponsors  of Holi and Diwali this year, and all volunteers without whose support we could never offer this event and so much more at one of the lowest entry costs in whole of Ontario and Canada. See below for event pictures