Hanuman Chalisathon



Chinmaya Mission London organized two special events led by Acharya Vivek Gupta.

Jnana Yagna (Knowledge Series –  April 29th (Wed) to May 2nd  (Sat).

Over 4 days, every evening for 2 hours, Acharya Vivek explained the Hanuman Chalisa in detail, the message and significance of the Hanuman Chalisa. He explained how we could inculcate the message and the qualities of Hanuman ji into our daily lives to be happy, better human beings, successful everyday and giving our life a purpose. Each day the session was attended by at least 50 people, for 5 days.

Hanuman Chalisathon –

About 100 people including children joined in to chant the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times. It was a sight to watch and listen to the chanting led by children of our Balavihar. They sat through the 4 hour Chalisathon and chanted it with enthusiasm. An whole hour of chanting was dedicated to the earthquake stricken people of Nepal – chanting for their peace and security.  Dinner was served to attendees after the event. The event also raised about $11,000 all of which would go to empower financially challenged student at Chinmaya Vidyalayas in India, provide health care facilities to the village of Siruvani in India’ infrastructure projects @ Chinmaya Mission Niagara and a $1000 towards reconstruction in Nepal via the PM of India’s relief fund.