India Cultural Connection Camp 2015


When : August 10th 2015 to August 14th 2015

Where: Central Secondary School, London, ON.

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Register early as spaces are expected to get filled up soon ! CONTACT US or call Vandana at 519 857 3653

About the 2014 Camp:

30 children between ages of 5 and 12 attended the India Cultural Connection camp 2014, from 11 August to Friday 15 August, from 9:00am to 4:00pm at Central Secondary School on Waterloo and Dufferin. Click HERE for pictures from 2014 camp.

At the India Cultural Connection Camp, character development is an integral part of our planning. Our Day Camp experience expects to cultivate self-esteem and positive values, encourage cooperation, and enable children 5 to 12 years old to experience some of the culture of India. All of our programs are reflective of the core values of  RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY.

Each staff member is carefully selected for their experience and genuine interest in working with children. Our Day Camp staff team, is made up of youths and adults who know and appreciate the importance of a safe environment, ensuring the right combination of fun and challenge.

ICC Camp activities include Yoga, Sports such as Cricket, Field Hockey and Soccer, Dance, Music, and Crafts. Each year has its own theme carefully chosen to weave into the lives of the campers and absorb the culture of India.

In 2013, our theme of Be the Change encouraged 31 campers to see how they could make the world around them a little bit better.  We spoke of big changes and everyday changes.  We sang the Gandhi rap! We learned the ancient Indian martial arts of Kalaripayattu, danced dandia, learned magic, did crafts and ate foods from the North, South, East and West India.  We changed the drawings of our name into beautiful art!

The theme last year of ‘Mirrors and Reflections‘ were carried through all of our activities, we mirrored each other in yoga, and in the ancient Indian martial art of Kalaripayattu.  We did mirror trick drawings and created elephants and tigers.  We made mirror images of our name. We saw how mirrors are helpful to us – whether in a periscope or a car’s rearview or a baby’s toy.  We noticed the beautiful mirror handiwork of Indian designs on textiles and made our own canvas bags with mirror work to take home.  Art displays, movies and songs also used mirrors – songs such as Mirror by Justin Timberlake, Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson, Reflections from the movie Mulan, the movie Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts.

We learned that reflection can be outward or inward.  Mirrors show us what we look like but we get to know who we really are by reflecting.  Our thoughts are mirrored in our actions so, our actions reflect our thoughts.

Cooking was added this year and the campers loved the hands on.

Many more activities are planned for this year. So don’t miss out and register quickly.