Spoken Samskritam Classes



Pictures from Spoken Samskritam (Sanskrit) Session


Srishti in partnership with Samskrita Bharati Canada ihas embaked on the mission of bringing learning of Samskritam (Sanskrit) to London, ON. On April 26th, approximately 30 adults and youth attended the first session of Spoken Samskritam lessons. Canada.

This one time 3 hour workshop  was conducted by Samskrita Bharati volunteers from Toronto. Regular online follow up classes, every week have commenced.

It was an immersion in this ancient, language of Gods  as no other language apart for Samskritam was spoken during the class. The experience and expertise of the teachers to present this in a manner that everyone coud comprehend and even repeat or come up with a few spoken words during the class, was the highlight of the session. The teaching methodology was very interactive and made fun by the teachers through games and acting.

It was a delight and pleasure to see that so many young children born and raised in Canada, got to experience or opportunity to learn the mother of all languages.