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Tamil Nadu Flood Relief



The deep depression over the Bay of Bengal brought heavy and continuous rains and devastated the province of Tamil Nadu and its capital, Chennai. This was the worst flood in its history. Several districts were submerged, leaving a trail of death and destruction. The toll in the devastating floods reached over 190. More than 2,500 villages were badly affected and 60 percent of Chennai was under water.  Thousands of houses marooned, people stuck on roof tops without food, water and medications. Women in labour, special needs people requiring urgent aid, no power, no communication etc makes the situation grave. Aid agencies, Army and the NDRF were rescuing and providing relief to the entire city of Chennai, Cuddalore and other remote villages.


As always in India and Nepal, Sewa International, was one of the first to hit the ground running in Chennai too. Hundreds of its volunteers were on the ground for many. They are worked 24 x 7 providing rescue and relief across Chennai and various places in Tamil Nadu, providing in rescue and relief operations while also working with NDRF and the Indian Army – coordinating rescue/relief efforts. Sewa International USA  transferred $25,000 as immediate aid to its ground partners in Tamil Nadu, in the first few days after the disaster and $100,000 a few later, with more to follow.

Sewa partnered with Art of Living to provide enhanced coordination of rescue and relief operations. Sewa and AOL volunteers from USA and Canada were involved in coordination remotely too. Some of us here in North America felt we were in Tamil Nadu, at least mentally. Our volunteers saved many lives, facilitated deliveries of babies, helped get medications, food, shelter and aid to people.

During the second phase of relief activity, Sewa International and sister organization volunteers engaged themselves in relief and rescue operations at various places of Chennai. Thousands of houses marooned and the communication has come to a standstill. In around 75 places, relief work was carried out. Some of the relief inputs here under:

  • In Anna Nagar, around 5000 food packets had been distributed
  • In Redhills, around 250 Narikuravas (tribals) are taken care of and food packets were distributed.
  • In B V Colony served food packets to 300 families.
  • In Perambur and surrounding areas, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served continuously to 15 affected areas.
  • In Villiwakkam, around 10000 food packets were di
  • In Kolathur, around 5000 food packets were distributed.
  • In Triplicane, food was prepared and distributed to around 2000 people.
  • In Nesapakkam, around 600 food packets were distributed.
  • In Otteri, food packets were distributed.
  • In Egmore Railway Station, tea was served by Swayamsevaks to the outstation passengers who are stranded/struck there.
  • In Thiruneermalai, food packets were distributed.
  • In Mandaveli, around 8000 food packets were distributed.
  • In T P Chatram, around 5000 food packets were distributed.
  • 14 centres were identified as base place for carrying on relief activities at around 75 places. Food was prepared and distributed involving many karyakarthas and families of karyakarthas.
  • Swayamsevaks in co-ordination with NDRF and Armed personnel, are helping in rescue operations in Mudhichur, Mannivakkam.
  • 2000 Food packets, nilavembu kashayam, counselling to public was rendered to nearby 8 villages of Chromepet.


Sewa Canada International is a registered charity in Canada, with a clean track record of 25 years of serving the world. Your contribution through Sewa Canada International, will go the furthest in this relief work because –

  • Sewa Canada International’s overhead is less than 5%. We have no paid employees or paid volunteers
  • Sewa International has its volunteers on the ground, who have dedicated their entire lives to selfless community service, living on the grace of communities, with no salaries – hence keeping project costs/overheads to the minimum.
  • Tax receipts will be issued to all donors.
  • Regular updates and reports will be presented to donors.


We appeal to all of you to please GIVE GENEROUSLY – either ONLINE (mention “TN flood Relief” for online donation) or by mailing a cheque in favour of “Sewa Canada International“. Please specify “TN FLOOD RELIEF” on your cheque or letter.

Your donations to Sewa Canada International will be wire transferred to Tamil Nadu, India, as per Canadian Revenue Agency regulations and oversight, accounting for every dollar raised and transferred.

Your donations will help sustain the ongoing rescue, relief work and later towards reconstruction and rebuilding lives

Cheques may be mailed to :

Sewa Canada International Aid Inc.
P.O. Box 76621, 1661 Denison Street
Markham – ON , L3R 0N5
Phone – 416 516 2262