Kids helping Kids – Charity Bake Sale


Charity Bake Sale in Pictures

For the second year….on 23rd August 2015, Srishti Kids planned , organized and ran a bake sale at a North London location. On the day of, the children started their day at 8 am in the morning with setup at the North London  location. Children worked hard to raise awareness for the cause, convince prospective donors and sell off the cakes, muffins etc they had baked. They persevered through the afternoon heat and also went door to door selling cakes and muffins. At the end of the day they had raised $800 towards Children’s Health Foundation.

The money raised will be handed over to Children’s Health Foundation in October 2015, at an event by the children at Victoria hospital

We wish to thank all those who participated, visited and contributed to this effort on 23rd August 2015.